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I'm out of town at the moment...isn't it funny how you notice people more when you are amongst them in a new place, than you do when you're at home?

I was talking to someone recently about how much I love Wilde. He said that he aims to introduce his 5 year old son to the great man as soon as possible. Isn't that brilliant?

What an amazing gift to give a child, an introduction to great literature.

Wilde is one of the people I would have liked to have called my friend - can you imagine how wonderful that would be?

New Beginnings

I can't believe it's the end of January already... it doesn't seem long ago when I was putting up my Christmas tree.

I've had an odd start to the year, a bewildering combination of highs and lows... but mainly highs... and I aim to focus on those.


Time seems to have flown over the last few weeks.

We're approaching the end of another year, so I thought I'd round it off on a romantic note...well, why not?

Here's wishing happiness, good health and prosperity to my friends and loved ones.


I was strolling along Tottenham Court Road this evening ... and it was another reminder of how lucky I am to live in London.

Clearly times have changed...





I spent a lovely Saturday evening at a gathering for an old pal who made a flying visit from Oz.

There wasn't a ruby slipper or yellow brick road in sight ... just news of indignant kangaroos, sap sozzled koalas, and constant BBQs.


We all had a fab time - with cocktails aplenty.


I can't believe that we're more than half way through August - the month of my birth.

Here's a bit of Dorothy Parker...


I have been completely captivated by the BBC production of Philippa Gregory's The White Queen.

The War of the Roses, the Tudors and Stuarts ...  my favourite period of English history.

In the production there is an interpretation of Richard as he morphs from a beautiful, loyal young man to an increasingly bitter and twisted character... so I decided to record a bit of Shakey's version...

This was, is, and will probably always be my favourite opening line of a book.

I'm a huge Dickens fan, and this story (in full) is one of his best.

If you don't fancy a read, I highly recommend the Ronald Colman film...

The Bee

Bee-killing pesticides have been banned - hooray! So, I thought this poem seemed appropriate.

In the meantime, some people want to "control" i.e. cull/kill urban foxes ... please don't let them.


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